Santek Endüstriyel Mutfak

Industrial Kitchen Equipments

Santek Industrial Kitchen Co. is one of the leader companies, serving industrial kitchen equipment sector with experienced team.

We are following the new technology and servicing our customers for planning to installation carefully Planning of your kitchen is designed by 3d design using all advantages of technology.

The area planned for the kitchen is design by our experienced technical personnel as detailed using CAD planning.

New proporals are developed to get secure, efficient area to be able to work things casior.

All details evaluated carefully to prepare a project suitable your budget.

Santek industrial kitchen co. presents the best service ising materials having TSE and ISO standarts without making concessions of quality.

Santek industrial kitchen co. designs "turn-key" projects and presentstrich options consisting famous products according to international standart for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, patisserie, fast food, gross markets, schools, hospitals, factories, banks, military zones.

We will be glad to meet your needs. Our scope is always using our experience and knowledge for your convenience.

The following are the service that we can give as, Santek industrial kitchen co, one of the leader firms in the area of industrial kitchen :

Industrial kitchen equipments, 18/10 304 Cr-Ni stainless stell made work table, sink unit, work tale with cupboard, wall shelf, cold room shelf, wall cupboard, exhaust hood, shelving, dishloading table, pot trolley, plate trolley, service trolley, dishloading cart, tray trolley, ingredient bin, range, grill, deep fat fryer, bain-marie, infrared heating, under counter refrigerator, under counter deep freeze, fast food equipment, microwave oven, salamander, toaster, gyros grill, iskender range, tea machine, pot stove, classic oven, cold fish display, upright refrigerator, pastry display, convection oven, dough kneading machıne, vegetable cutter, cutter, meat mincer, planetary mixer, onion cutter, grinder, lava stone grill, pizza oven, pizza make-up refrigerator, salat bar, döner knife, shelving unıt, meat saw, dough sheeter, dough divider, soft ice machine, dishwashing machıne, glasswashing machine, bread slicer, pre wash arm, slicer, electric range, mobil work table, poliamid top table, poliamid meat block, knife sterilizer, cold water dispenser, automatic orange machine, ice cube machine, espresso coffee machine, filter coffee machine, coffee grinder,

Santek industrial kitchen co. is waiting to produce wonderful jobs.
We hope to meet for the success...